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Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer

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A Wick Trimmer is the No. 1 Essential Accessory in any candle lovers home! 


Are you experiencing smoking from your wick, leaving your jars all black and no longer as pretty as they once were? 

There are a few causes for your wick to smoke. 

1. Do you trim your wick before each burn?

Trimming your wick prior to each burn is a MUST!

If your wick becomes to long, your wick will begin to smoke. You must trim your wick each time you light your candle to ensure your candle lives it’s best life. Trim your wick leaving about 1cm to light. Cutting your wick to short will result in your wick drowning in the wax and leaving your wick to long will cause your wick to smoke so ensure you're leaving a perfect length to keep your candle happy.


 2. Do you over burn? A good time frame to burn my larger candles is around 3-4 hours at one time, just ensuring the wax pool has reached right to the edge of the vessel each burn to prevent your candle from tunneling. Leave the wax to set, trim your wick and you’re good to go again. Over burning will result in smoking.


A good quality wick trimmer allows for a clean cut every time, cheaper wick trimmers on the market tend to chew through the wick rather than a clean slice – leaving it open for an uneven and potentially dangerous flame. The long, thin handles of the wick trimmer are perfect to allow you to get into the bottom of a candle vessel to trim the wick carefully.